Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've posted the link to pictures from my 1st day in China, Tuesday in Beijing. I've posted the link to Thursday-Saturday with Mark and Rene.

There's a missing link -- Tues-Thurs with Jonathan and Carol in Taiyuan. The photos are at:

Those days include getting a taste (literally) of Jonathan's workplace at the Cheese Factory, visiting the clinic where Carol works, meeting some of the Evergreen staff in Yangqu, and having a great time with Esperanza and Trini.

That almost catches us up to today, and that's good, because tomorrow our group begins our Beijing itinerary and that will be filled with more to see and tell about.

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rosemary said...

Just looked at all your fascinating photos. They remind me a lot of Nepal and of the time we spent there. May the Word of God flourish in China! I will continue to pray for your time there.