Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Day

11:30 pm, Saturday in Beijing

Tomorrow early we leave for Minneapolis. We all are eager to see our families and thank them so much for sending us out for this rich, informative time.

Today was the first day in which we have had no ministry planned. It was a day of soaking up some of Old China. This morning we went to the Great Wall and this evening we strolled through some of the hutongs (lanes) of Old Beijing and had supper at a Hakka Restaurant. Hakkas are one of China's minority people, living mainly in the Southwest.

Pictures of the day are at:

The wall is indeed great, and a great reminder that our God is much greater--the one who made the men who made the wall and who created the mountains that dwarf the wall.

I hope to be posting some more pictures beginning a couple of days from now, including some videos that I myself can't wait to see.

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