Sunday, June 14, 2009

Barnabas's mother

Monday 6/15, 6:25 am

Jo and I joined hundreds of others 10 am on Sunday at the 3rd service of the Gong Wa Shi Christian Church. Hymns were traditional, hymnal bilingual. Afterward we did what seems normal--stood around in the courtyard talking.

A tall man walked over to Joann and me and asked, "Which of you is Barnabas's mother?" --not a question I was expecting in the middle of China, but easy to answer. It was Dr. Martindale from Wheaton College. He was one of Barnabas's teachers when Barnabas was at Wheaton, and apparently had seen him recently. Mrs. Martindale was there too, as were Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Weber. They were at the end of leading an Asian Studies session here.

Afterward we had dinner with some of Jo's friends at a nearby restaurant.

Later in the afternoon, Jo, one of her friends, and I worked out at the gym in the apartment community.

You can see pictures:

The rest of our group arrived safely and in good spirits late last night (Sunday).


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Barnabas' father in Palm Springs.


fobbycalvinist said...

and i attended this 3s church a year ago too!

Barnabas said...

Dr. Martindale was (is) a great professor and a wonderful man. If you see him again, tell him hello.