Monday, June 15, 2009

Langfang and Friends

Monday, 6/15, 11:20 pm

Today was a full day and the men who arrived LATE last night held up admirably, as did Joann who met them and got them to their hotel.

One of the highlights of the day was our visit this morning to the town of Langfang, just outside Beijing. There we visited the Shepherd's Field Children's Village, operated by the Philip Hayden Foundation. As you know, here in China I can't link to other sites, so please copy and paste to visit their website -- . You might also be interested in the report on their work presented by NPR --

Children's Village is rare, if not unique here -- a Christian organization that provides home, love, care, therapy, and education for orphans with special needs, with the prayer that God will place many into adoptive families.

Then we went to visit Jeff and Sarah and their family, friends from Bethlehem who live near the Children's Village and have been in China several years.

Jeff has a web design business, and one aspect of his work is helping Chinese clients adapt the look of their sites to be appealing to western users.

Sarah is definitely a FULL-time mother to their 8 children, 4 months old up to 12 years. The kids were very cooperative in gathering together for some photos.

The Children's Village and family photos are at .

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fobbycalvinist said...

You dont know me.I attended BBC in 2007 and I have been following this blog.

Anyways, I am really excited about your visit at BICF this thursday. I have many friends there :).

Its not my type of church but sometimes thats all you get in BJ.