Friday, November 20, 2009

Noel's Easy Cranberry Relish

The rest of the family prefers canned, jellied cranberry sauce. And so did I, and I really didn't care for the canned whole-berry relish. That was until I tasted a version of the relish in this recipe. I have to keep myself from spooning it out and eating it up ahead of time.

1 c honey
1 whole orange (peel and all), cut into quarters, seeds removed
1 12-oz. bag fresh cranberries

Put it all in blender in the order listed and pulse till it's ground, but not pureed.

Refrigerate and don't eat it up before Thanksgiving dinner.

That's it!


Patricia said...

That sounds so good, Noel. Thank you! And may Thanksgiving at the Pipers be overflowing with blessings in abundance and in gratitude for all Christ has done for us.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was my blender...not sure, but this was NOT easy. Everything stuck to the bottom of the blender so I had to take it all out and just do about 1/4 at a time. Maybe it was the honey. I don't know for sure, but one thing I do know...I will never try this again.