Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Orphan Sunday, 11/8: Squirming and kicking

Orphan Sunday, 11/8, makes me think of our adoption story, which begins here.)

Part 5

"Would you consider adopting her?" I can't think of a question that could have made me happier. But the timing was a challenge for me--challenge with a small c, though, I do have to admit.

It was the beginning of a weekend. Weekends are the busiest part of the week for a pastor. And this particular weekend was loaded with extras for Johnny. I can't remember any more what they were, but probably things like a Saturday morning seminar or a wedding rehearsal and wedding. Anyway, he had more preparation and speaking than usual to pack into the hours of each day of that weekend.

So I knew I shouldn't even try to bring up the topic of adoption yet. Especially when there was no way this conversation could be theoretical like all the previous ones. This time we had to come to a conclusion--yes or no--not just stop talking about it until next time.

And I knew it wouldn't be fair to him if I told anyone else about it in the meantime. This had to be between just him and me until we were ready to draw others into the conversation.

So I held the knowledge inside me, squirming and kicking, all of Friday . . . Saturday . . . Sunday, until we could talk on Monday. And no, believe it or not, I can't remember what Monday was like!

What I do know is that this was the beginning of a couple of weeks of long talks, lots of prayer, and conversations with our children and close friends.

I would have said YES! right away on the phone. But this couldn't be a unilateral decision. We had to come to a unified yes or no.

And that led me face to face with a capital-C kind of Challenge. What if it was going to be No?

(to be continued)


Tricia said...

Thank you so much for sharing - can't wait to hear the completed story. You and your husband adopting and the story of the Chapmans were used by the Lord initially to ignite the desire to adopt in our hearts. We are excited to pursue what He has in store for us.

Ellen said...

Yes, thanks for sharing your story. I know the feeling well. I'm currently writing my own adoption story - one that's in process. I've always wanted to adopt; my husband didn't; and then due to infertility we began talking about adoption, but on and off for years, never reaching a decision. Last year, he finally closed the door and said "no," which I had to accept trusting God. But then this year, God changed his heart and he said he's finally ready to adopt! Praise God! We are currently in the process of looking at agencies.

Andie said...

I don't know how you survived that whole weekend without talking. i think i might have exploded. I'm really enjoying your story! our son is due to be born any day now and we will drive to adopt him. my husband and I and two bio kids go to BBC.