Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One time, a long time ago . . .

Life with Talitha -- part 1

Talitha has “always” known she’s adopted. It’s the story she asked for and listened to more often than any other.

Well, Talitha . . .

One time there was a little girl named Noël and a little boy named Johnny. They grew up and got married. They loved each other and hoped that God would give them children someday.

And he did. First, they had a round, blond boy named Karsten. Then they had another round, blond boy named Benjamin. Then came another round, blond boy named Abraham. And finally came the roundest, blondest of all, Barnabas. Sometimes their daddy called them the cookie-cutter kids.

Johnny and Noël said to God, “Father, You are the one who makes families. Thank you so much for our boys. We can’t imagine life without them. You have been very kind to us. So we don’t want to be greedy, but do you suppose there might also be a little girl for us?

Time passed and the boys were getting older and there were no more babies. Noël said, “I guess the way we will get daughters is by our boys getting married and giving us daughters-in-law. . . . Or maybe someday a little girl will knock on my door and say, ‘Will you be my mother?’”

One sunny day in May, surrounded by green grass, young birches, and branches of lilac, Karsten married his sweetheart, Shelly. Johnny and Noël thanked God for their new daughter.

Just a few months later the phone rang. It was Johnny’s and Noël’s friend who worked at an adoption agency. She said, “There is a little girl born just a few days ago. I’ve been praying about what family God wants for her, and you keep coming to my mind. Would you please consider adopting her?”

Noël said, “This sounds like somebody knocking on my door and saying, ‘Will you be this little girl’s mother?’”

Johnny and Noël said, “Yes, we believe that God is adding this little girl to our family. She is Talitha Ruth.”

Finally the day came when their friend was bringing Talitha to them. They waited at church. And waited. And waited. Every time they heard the outside door open, they jumped up. Then one time it opened and around the corner came their friend—with Talitha.

She went first into Johnny’s arms. They touched her silky, black curls, and soft brown cheeks. She stared at them with her dark eyes and she smiled.

Then she burped. Barnabas laughed and laughed. And Abraham said, “Coo-uhl.”

Here, Talitha and I break into laughter, and that’s the end of the story.

Part 2


Betsy Markman said...


Violet said...

I love this! Our two adopted children were older when they joined our family (3 and 9), but no less anticipated or loved. God so carefully handpicked both our biological and adopted children, and we can only praise Him for His work in all of our lives.

Bobbi said...

that's beautiful! We have four children, 3 boys and a girl, but it is my husbands and my dream to adopt at least one more! This encourages me very much! And also helps me to be patient and wait on God!

Anonymous said...

These posts are such a blessing and so precious to read. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I have really enjoyed reading your adoption story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!