Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Orphan Sunday, 11/8: Knock, knock. Who's there?

(Orphan Sunday, 11/8, makes me think of our adoption story, which begins here.)

Part 4

Although we didn't realize it immediately, the very next day after I arrived home from Asia was going to change our lives forever.

Wen Qing and Qiu Ying were much on my mind, and therefore adoption was on my mind--mainly thoughts and feelings of sadness and frustration that the two little girls were out of my reach, probably forever.

That's the emotional atmosphere within which the phone rang a few days later. It was the director of an out-of-state adoption agency. She and I had become friends during the many times she'd flown to Minnesota, bringing babies to their new homes.

"A little girl was born about a week ago. I've been praying about what home she should go to, and your family keeps coming to my mind. Would you consider adopting her?"

For a long time it had looked as if we were a family with only sons. I'd say, "Looks like the way we're going to get daughters is by marrying them." And then, jokingly, I'd add, "or by a little girl knocking on our door and saying, 'Will you be my mother?'"

And now here it was. No joke. This phone call out of the blue was as if someone were knocking on my door on behalf of a little girl, saying, "Will you be her mother?"

The little girl had been born the day after I returned from Asia. Her birth mother must have been in labor as I was flying away from Wen Qing and Qiu Ying, the little girls who reopened in my heart the yearning to adopt.

(to be continued)


Beth Nordquist said...

Makes my heart go pitter-pat!

Bonnie said...

God's timing is amazing!

Your joking about the "knock, knock" reminds me of another story . . . "The airplane landed . . ." - You know the rest, Noel!