Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of my favorite singers is in town

Marty Goetz
in concert at
Edina, Minnesota
free admission--love offering
Thursday, November 12
7:00 pm

Our friend, Paul Arneberg, does a great job of introducing Marty Goetz, in case you're not familiar with him already:

I first met my all-time favorite singer, Marty Goetz, in May 1993 when he was a guest and I was a performer on the SUNDAY NITE national radio variety show through Northwestern College Radio. I immediately loved his rich baritone voice, his fidelity to the Scriptures in his original music & lyrics, and his self-effacing, humble, and God-centered approach to commentary between songs. While backstage during that radio appearance by Marty in '93, one of my vocal performance mentors (Tim Sawyer) took note of Marty's ability to hold out long notes with perfect tone and said to me, "I have larynx envy."

Marty has a background in musical theatre, but his early "claim to fame" as an artist is that he was the accompanist for Debby Boone early in his walk with Christ.

Of most important significance to Marty's testimony and ministry, he is a Messianic Jew--a man raised in a thoroughly Jewish home in Cleveland, OH, but received Yeshua (Jesus) as Meschiach (Messiah) when he was a young adult. Due to Marty's love of the entire Scriptures (he often sings in Hebrew) with many Psalms set to music (and lots of emphasis on fulfilled Messianic prophecies), he has been described as "a modern-day psalmist" and "a modern-day David." He's even sung to thousands of Jews at a Christian evangelistic rally in Russia, personally witnessing more Jews receive Yeshua at one time anywhere in the world since the Book of Acts.

I organized two concerts for Marty at Bethlehem Baptist Church in 1994 & 1995, the latter time of which we had dinner together with John & Noel Piper.

This is short notice, but if any of you are free this Thursday, you will be blessed to see Marty in concert and be (re)introduced to his music! The concert is free, as Marty operates almost exclusively on a "love offering" basis.

The double-draw of this night is that the event is being sponsored by Good News For Israel, the oldest evangelical outreach to the Jewish people in North America. I listen to their radio show, "Faith Roots," nearly every day at 10:30 a.m. on AM 980 KKMS.

Glad to be grafted into the vine of Israel,
Paul Arneberg

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