Thursday, November 26, 2009

The thanks goes on

It's time for bed. The house is very quiet. This is the sort of quietness that lets my mind go back over the noise and busyness of the day and remember even more things that I'm thankful for.

Here's #1 on the list: The Lord is good and his steadfast mercies endure forever.


His Servant said...
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His Servant said...

What a heartwarming video. Thank you for sharing. We love you guys.

~ The Larson Family

Bernard Shuford said...

Y'all are so funny :) Good to see that Dr. Piper even likes that tweed jacket at home. Don't let Mark Driscoll get 'hold of this!

Happy Thanksgiving! You guys and gals don't know me from Adam, but thanks for sharing your life here. You are an encouragement to me :)