Friday, November 6, 2009

We interrupt this series to bring you . . . an update

It's the week before Orphan Sunday, and I'm not finished telling our adoption story. But I need to interrupt with an important update.

Early in October I showed you before and after pictures of my walk-in junk drawer--what it looked like before and after I emptied it totally.

I also listed lies I'd been discovering as I dug out of chaos.

Lest you think that was the end and maybe things just fizzled back to chaotic normal, here's an update--a preview of more to come, Lord willing.

Tonight Talitha and Johnny were helping me finish assembling my new work table and getting everything plugged in. Just compare the corner to any of the "before" photos.


Scott Anderson said...

In the second picture, note tenuous position of JP's right hand as he holds the end of the power cord next to that outlet (just as he glances back for the picture). That's how you accidentally get a 110v wake-up call. Curly hair for life!

Rebekah Richmond said...

Hi, I just entered your blog this week after being introduced to it on the Desiring God Blog. I know I am going to be "addicted" to reading it.
I checked out your room of chaos. Wow! Way to go!!! I mean, Wow! Way to LET go!!! I was particularly interested in checking out the lies you have discovered as you dug out. I enjoyed reading every one of them. And I could identify. As I have been digging out of the chaos of my book shelves I have been discovering lies too. Lies like the King James Bible Version is the ONLY version. The lie did not start with the book "New Age Bible Versions" by G.A.Riplinger but it is on my shelf. I will probably keep the book for interest but along side of it will sit "The King Jame Only Controversy" by James R. White which I bought at the DG Conference in September. Ah, what peace I received from that book. Now I can read and enjoy my ESV without guilt. Wait what did I say? Did I actually say I will keep the book full of lies? What am I thinking? What am I holding onto? I struggled to find the real truth for at least 5 years. The chaotic thinking must go--to the garbage!
This is only one lie on my bookshelf. I must get to work.
May God bless you with creativity and joy in your new room as you work, play, write and pray.

Brenden Greenwood said...

These pictures are priceless.