Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orphan Sunday: Ways every Christian can care

Hope for Orphans is a ministry of FamilyLife, "serving every church to reach every orphan."

Their website may be the best place to visit if you:
  • wonder what the problem is anyway
  • wonder how to help
  • wonder whether your family should adopt
  • wonder how to get started toward adoption
They have provided a gold mine of information for the person or church that wants to care, at whatever level, for orphans. Please spend some time exploring the site and having your heart and mind opened.

There's even a section for kids where they can hear stories about what it's like not having parents, and where they can get ideas how they can care for orphans and waiting children.

This flyer is being handed out to worshipers at Bethlehem Baptist this weekend: 10 Ways Every Christian can Care for the Orphan and Waiting Child.

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