Friday, November 27, 2009

The thanks goes on -- Talitha

Seems like everything is related to everything. So it's not surprising that Thankgiving blog posts overlap with "Life with Talitha" posts.

I learned long ago with our other children that you often learn more about your children through other people than through your own conversations at home. A few days ago we had a taste of Talitha's growing maturity and thoughtfulness when her friend, Olivia, interviewed her.

I am thankful every day that God added Talitha to our family. I can't imagine us without her.

p.s. One commenter at Olivia's blog says, "Talitha, I love how you sound like your Dad when you use phrases like... 'Being physically adopted is very special, but being spiritually adopted is ten thousand times better!!'"

Well, maybe she sounds like him. Or maybe one of the effects of having a teenaged daughter is that he's starting to sound like her?


Adoption Mama said...

Dear Mrs. Piper, We like you have adopted...only we have 4 children...all African American. I would love to chat further in email about our struggles we are having right now. Our oldest son, Joshua, had to be sent to a Christian boys' ranch this last summer. He is 12 years old, but suddenly started acting up. We are very careful of all he partakes in..we homeschool and are striving to raise our children to the glory of God. He was my easiest child, by far until May of this year. I would love to talk to you further. Please have you and your husband pray for our Joshua. He needs to see his identity in Christ and not in his ethnicity or who his "real" parents are. Our hearts are broken...but we are staying near the cross. David, my husband, is going through John's book, When the Darkness Does Not Lift right now. We know God is in control and doing something mighty through this remains so hard, though. I have a blog as well..there is more info on our family.

ockennedys said...

I was just reading the Christmas chapter in your book Treasuring Christ in Our Traditions. Since Christmas is just around the corner, would you be willing to post on your blog a picture or two of your Jesus Tree? We have 4 young kids and want to start this as a tradition in our family. God bless you for writing this book. It has been such a help to me, as I did not grow up in a Christian home. Thank you!